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Why London is a great place for student living

Student accommodations in London

London frequently sits at the top of lists ranking the top global cities for students to study and live. There are many reasons for this, including its vibrant social life, world-leading educational establishments, diversity and multiple employment opportunities. Here are some more reasons why students should consider making London their home this academic year.

Academic provision

London is home to some of the world’s top universities, colleges and further education institutions. These include UCL, Imperial College, City, University of London, Birkbeck College, SOAS, King’s College and the London School of Economics. There are also all kinds of specialist music, dramatic arts and sports educators, as well as language schools galore. London is very used to dealing with students from around the world and the support systems that exist are second to none.

Independent living

Living in a busy capital city allows young men and women to experience their first taste of independent living, yet still enjoy the security of knowing that everything they need is just a short tube journey away. London living offers a more adult experience than choosing a campus-based university or college, and you can quickly make friends and settle into the way of life. There are many part-time job opportunities available for students seeking to supplement their income and lots of ways to contribute to the wider community through volunteering, clubs, places of worship and student organisations.

Gateway to Europe

Thanks to its collection of major national airports, excellent train links, proximity to the Eurostar and easy access to several UK ports, London offers unrivalled transport links to continental Europe. You can be in France, Germany or Belgium in a matter of hours. Many young Europeans have made London their home and, despite Brexit drawing closer with its March 2019 deadline, London is still the place to meet people from across Europe and make lifelong international friends and future travelling companions.

Social life

Talking of making lifelong friends, London is a socialite’s dream. Students wanting to spend time between classes having fun are spoilt for choice. There are countless nightclubs, bars, restaurants and cafes, as well as world-class theatre, a vibrant film scene, all kinds of sports and leisure pursuits to enjoy and landmark tourist attractions around every corner. Plus, while Londoners may have the reputation of being less than jovial while travelling on underground trains, when they come out to play they are, on the whole, a friendly bunch.


Finally, if you are nearing the end of your studies, or are in London on a gap year, it is a great place to consider settling down in longer-term to start a career. Pretty much every business sector is well represented in London, with globally recognised names setting up offices and HQs in the financial districts of the UK’s capital. London

is also home to world-class hospitals, research labs, schools and political organisations. Plenty of options to kickstart an amazing post-grad life in the UK.